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 hiker trekking poleshiker hiking stick hiker trekking polesA product by: Terrapathic Engineering logo             hiker camp stool 1  hiker camp stool 2campfire hiker camp stool 1
Model CF001

The Stikstool Model CF001 is a sturdy, lightweight Carbon Fiber hiking stick that easily
transforms into a sturdy lightweight three legged camp stool without pins, screws or tools.
Always have your camp stool with you while you hike.

All you need to carry in your pack (in the provided net bag) is the seat, collar and
4 end caps (5.2 ounces).
Compare that to other backpacking chairs, hiking chairs or hiking stools.

The hiking stick is made of sturdy carbon fiber tubing and is easy to pack for those
out of town backpacking trips.

Assembled as a hiking stick the CF001 is 61.25 inches long and weighs 15.75 ounces.

Assembled as a camp stool the CF001 stands 16.5 inches tall.

The couplings are ingenius twist on - twist off interference fit rigid PVC,
and the collar is made of recycled HDPE plastic.


Stikstool CF001 lightweight hiking stick & stool

Stikstool CF002 lightweight trekking poles & stool

Stikstool SS001 lightweight hiking stick & stool


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The Carbon Fiber CF001
as a Hiking Stick
Stikstool CF001 as a hiking stick
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The Carbon Fiber CF001
as a Camp Stool
Stikstool CF001 lightweight camp stool
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Hiking Stick & Camp Stool
Assembly Diagram

Stikstool CF001 assembly diagram
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Stikstool Model
Replacement Parts

End Cap
Rubber Tie
Net Bag

The Stikstool CF001 Parts
Stikstool CF001 parts
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The Stikstool was designed for the backpacker who would normally carry a hiking stool for a comfortable
place to sit, once he or she has reached the campsite. With the Stikstool, what you carry in your pack
weighs only 5 ounces for the SS001 aluminum hiking stick model, only 5.2 ounces for the CF001 carbon
fiber hiking stick model and only 6 ounces for the CF002 carbon fiber trekking pole model. That is less
than any hiking stool on the market, bar none. Most people use a hiking stick or trekking poles while
backpacking, so why not have your camp stool meet you at the campsite without having to carry it on
your back? To convert the Stikstool from a hiking stick, or trekking poles, to a backpacking stool is
simple, fast and requires no tools.

Many backpackers choose to not carry a portable camp stool to decrease their pack weight and increase
their comfort level while hiking. Why decrease your comfort level at the campsite? The Stikstool provides
you with a comfortable lightweight backpacking chair and decreases your pack weight by using it as
sturdy trekking poles or a hiking stick.

If you prefer sitting on a sturdy lightweight camp stool versus sitting on the ground or a log (if there is one),
then you should order your new, lightweight Stikstool today!
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Simple Sturdy    Lightweight Hiking Stick / Trekking Poles
Simple Sturdy Lightweight Hiking Chair / camp stool
Made in the USA
by:  logo1Happy Trails !!!
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